Just installed VMspc in our 2000 Damon Escaper MH. It has an 8.3 cummins 350Hp.Works Great!
I want to have the udible alarms for oil pressure .temperature etc. What value would I use to trigger? What are the operating normal values for this engine?
What or how does the simple guage of relative humity work.
Thank you for your response. Stu............Canada

You need to crack open your engine manual.

I hesitate to provide some of those answers, since ultimately it's up to the engine builder. They can change their ratings at any time and we might not get the news. And there is another factor at play here - your own philosophy.

Personally, I *like* to have "yellow alerts" come up easily. I might set an alarm for Coolant Temp at, say, 205 degrees knowing that it will go off on almost any decent hill on a hot day. Obviously I'll choose an alarm that isn't too annoying. Once I hear that chirp I'll know it's time start paying attention to my temperatures. I like to carefully work my engine over a hill - it's almost a game for me to try to get up the hill as fast and as thriftily as I can while keeping the heat down. That little alarm is like a starting gun telling me "the race is on!"

But I know a lot of drivers don't share my attitude, and they might have a higher threshold and a more annoying alarm. They might put an alert at 215 degrees and make it continuous. (I might have a second alert at that level, as well.)

That's why we make it configurable.

I don't have any experience with the humidity sensor in some of the new engines. It is part of the pollution control system, and I really don't know how it is measured.