front port on 2005 Freightliner XC chassis

I don't have 12VDC on the front dash port. The engine port works fine. By jumping another 12V source in the dash, I can get the JIB to work. Do you know if there is a switch somewhere on the XC chassis for the front port power?


I believe on the 2005

I believe on the 2005 Freightliners the diagnostic plug should be powered with the Ignition key. If it isn't there may be a blown fuse or a wiring glitch.

2005 freightliner chasis

Front port is powered with key on.
I had a loose connection which caused some problems, but none since fixed loose connection.

2005 discovery cat c7 vmspec

diag port

thanks for the comments guys, I think that there is a broken wire/ or fuse as I tested with key "ON" and no joy. I am going to find an ignition tap and use it.

otherwise, pretty cool stuff, my VMSpc output goes into channel A of my sony color backup display and looks real nice!