400 ISL - Shift Indicator/ Tranny temp

I have recently changed RVs from a Cummins 350 ISC to a 400 ISL. I am missing the tranny shift indicator and temp gauges. What am i doing wrong or is there a program update to correct this issue?

Alan, Sorry I ommitted the

Sorry I ommitted the fact that the coach is a 2007 Tiffin Bus with a 6spd Allison

tranny shift indicator

Here is a link for your problem.
You are not doing anything wrong.



tranny shift indicator

Any resolution to this problem via software revision as of yet?

It isn't software.

Allison uses different hardware. We can no longer physically connect to the Allison with the current hardware. If it was software we would have had that handled about three hours after the first transmission was shipped.

tranny shift indicator

Thx for the help/info on both issues.


I want to tow my 2005

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First thing you should

First thing you should consider is the overall length of your coach and a trailer that size. You may be illegal in some or many states.

Check the weight of the trailer and all items inside it and then look at the legal tow weight for the coach you purchase.