I utilize VMSpc. Is the TireSafeGuard™ a stand-alone product or is it integrated into the VMS units?
If it's stand-alone, do you plan to offer compatible exterior transmitters in the near future? Theft is not an issue as we are vendors and the unit is with us at all times plus the rig is secure when stored. I prefer exterior transmitters to make battery changes easier and cheaper and to permit swapping four of them from the concession trailer to the toad as needed.
Dick Zeiter

TireSafeGuard and VMSpc

The current version of VMSpc doesn't support TireSafeGuard. TireSafeGuard integrates with all of our in-dash models, or you can buy it as a standalone package. We have both internal and external sensors available. They operate the same, except the external sensors lack the ability to read the temperature. And you can mix-and-match them. You could even start with externals, add internals the next time you change tires, and then sell the externals to a friend. It's all very flexible.