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Well I just discovered this product VMSpc and I am excited. I am going to get my JIB/cable ordered this week, and I have looked at the software interface (way cool and intuitive). I am amazed at the slick union from the PID info to a Windows interface. This allows me to stick my tounge out a Freightliner (their laughable little driver interface box that I can't see when driving). Kudos to you guys the developers. Enough schmoozing. My question is cable length(s). I have built my PC (with open COM1 port) that I use for GPS, maps, etc. into the overhead compartments. Serial data interface should have no problem with this. But how long is, and what connector types, does the JIB have? I can find no pics of it. Can it be extended? To run a hidden cable, I'd estimate that I need about 10' from the diag. socket to the PC. Will a serial M-F DB-9 extension cable be OK? Or can the diag. plug side be extended?
As an aside, since I have not ordered the JIB yet, I assume my diag. socket is the "9-pin" variety? (This is a FL XC chassis, mfg. date 11/04, Cat C-7, on an 05 Itasca MH). It has 9 holes, but not all have a contact in them. It is 8 pins in a circle surronding a center pin with a keyed slot, but one of the 8 is smaller and offset toward the center.
Appreciate any input.

Re:Cable Length

The cable from the Diagnostic Plug to the VMSpc JIB is 5 ft. The Cable from the VMSpc JIB to your computer is 6 ft.

We recommend that you locate the VMSpc JIB where you can see the LED's on it for Trouble Shooting purposes.

We use RS-232 Serial for the Communication Protocol between the VMSpc JIB and your Computer, which is specified to be reliable up to 50 ft. You could lengthen either cable, but we might provide you with enough cable to work "as is".

Your Chassis information matches what we have. You have a 9-Pin Diagnostic Connector.

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Thanks, Mark. Seems it may

Thanks, Mark. Seems it may be problematic for either cable to be extended to run to the overhead PC. Don't want a cable dangling around the driver area, obviously. Until now did not have to have any inputs from below. GPS rec, wireless receivers (for NIC and kbd/mouse), etc. all above. Will study this for a bit. May have to consider relocating PC. No matter, I will work one or the other. How big is the JIB unit? Can you furnish approx. dimensions and/or point to photo or drawing? Also, does Silverleaf sell direct or should I buy from a dealer such as Thanks again.

JIB Dimensions

The JIB is about 2.5"x4"x1", plus two flanges for mounting. Running a cable up the A-Pillar is pretty easy on most coaches - there is usually a thick wad of cables already taking that route.

We sell direct as well as through dealers. We don't offer any special discounts, but if you buy direct you will get a personalized message from the founder of the company. That should be worth something, don't you think?

Okay, Martin

You silver-tounged devil. My mom warned me about those like you on the 'Net. I expect my personalized message to make me feel extremely fuzzy. I am excited about trying VMSpc in real life, though. Thanks to you all for your help and input.

I don't make any guarantees . . .

. . . regarding your future fuzziness. I believe there are other places on the 'Net that do make such promises, but I'm not posting any links.