Data Logging

Is there any way to log engine data with different sampling rates? I would like to log quickly changing data at a higher sample rate than some more slowly changing data. EG I would like to log turbo boost at a much higher rate than coolant and intake manifold temps. Is this possible? I really haven't looked at file sizes. Is the compression such that it doesn't matter?

How big is your hard drive?

You can't use different sampling rates, but I don't think it really matters. If you record ten gauges every second - which would be overkill for any analysis I could imagine - you would consume about 6K of hard drive space per minute. Or one megabyte every three hours. A full day's drive would be about the same as one digital photo on your hard drive.

The bigger limitation will come when you load it into your spreadsheet program and start drawing graphs. The processing time will depend on how much RAM you have on your machine - if the file it too big the spreadsheet program won't be able to keep it all in memory. I can't really tell you what the limit is going to be on your machine, but it should be comfortably large.

If anyone else has tried analyzing a big file, perhaps they'll post their observations.