Engine file for EPA 2010 450 HP Cummins ISL engine

Recently purchased a 2010 Allegro Bus with the new DEF engine. The only engine file I find in the software is the one for 425 HP Cummins ISL.
Also When I use the PID sniffer I ONLY have about a dozen PIDs showing, I think there should be many more what is happening or what am I doing wrong?
This is my fourth coach using VMSpc, pretty sure it is not a hardware problem.
The only other difference, it is on a Tiffin powerglide chassis with the Aticia electrical system.

Cummins ISL, 450 HP option missing in VMSpc

I too, have the same new engine. It is not listed.

VMSpc Engine Support

Please note that the Engine Type in VMSpc is only used for Torque and Horse-Power reporting. If you can not locate your exact engine, pick the closest one.

The Cummins EPA 2010 ISL450, ( AKA ISL9 450 ) is included the latest Download, VMSpc Version 2.5 Build 8.

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