Tire SafeGuard

I have recently installed a Tire Safe Guard system on my RV and towed vehicle. The system is working well, but I was interested in knowing if there is a possibility of the VMSpc software supporting the TSG system? It would love to be able to have the tire info displayed on a larger screen (my 7" color display) that displays my VMSpc software.

thanks, Marty

Anyone?? I just had an

Anyone?? I just had an inquiry from another VMSpc user on a RV web site asking me the same question. Being able to use the VMS and the TSG together would be awesome....

VMSpc doesn't have the "horsepower" for that.

The design of the VMSpc JIB doesn't allow a connection to TireSafeGuard. It is something we may consider in a future version.

Thanks Martin, I will check

Thanks Martin, I will check back from time to time.